Get Steady Production
at Full Capacity

It's is like having a CorrQuest Controls Engineer on your team—diagnosing machine performance and uncovering key insights.

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Exact Maintenance Recommendations Based on Daily Performance.

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Stop watching performance
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Keep machines running
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What's your plan for your slowing production?

When production slows, it's your problem.

You’re responsible to keep the machines humming. But the sad fact is, even the best equipment runs down. And that costs your company money.

Sometimes it seems like an elaborate (and expensive) game of Whack-a- Mole, with you rushing frantically to fix problems as they pop up, but it feels like an impossible task . . . and a losing battle.

What if you could stay a step ahead of the breakdowns, the slowdowns, the costly delays? Wouldn’t you love to anticipate—and fix—problems before they happen?

With TeamSource, you can.

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TeamSource is Your Secret Weapon.

The people at TeamSource understand what you’re facing, and we’ve been working on it for decades. As part of CorrQuest, trusted partners in the corrugated paper industry, we’re committed to helping you succeed.

But, these machines are complicated, and there are few people with the know-how to keep it running at full capacity these days.

Here’s a crazy thought: What if you had a remote CorrQuest data engineer tell you what maintenance actions to perform?

This isn’t sci-fi; it’s just good business. Team Source has created a system where our engineers receive machine data directly from the machines on your production line, and we report to you personally once a week, alerting you to any issues that require attention. That’s a human voice on the line, helping you maintain full productivity.

When you team up with TeamSource, you'll always be a step ahead.

How TeamSource Works


Activate TeamSource

We'll make a quick visit to make the no-downtime install and tune-up your machine to 100% capacity.


Receive Human Feedback

Your dedicated controls engineer reviews performance daily and recommends specific action items.


Maintain 100% Capacity

As you implement the recommended action items, you'll keep your machines running at 100% capacity.

Your Way to a Productive Future

You could continue pounding away at mechanical problems as they arise, after they cost you time and money. Or you can enlist the support of a team that’s already running ahead of the competition.
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Keep your machines humming at like-new capacity.
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Have expert mechanical advice just a phone call away.
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Keep production levels steady - you don’t need surprises.
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Make a strategic decision that’s productive & proactive.
Know that we’re as committed to your success as you are.